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März März Ich selbst nenne mich in der Netzwelt Cu-Sith. Gesprochen "Coo Shee" und wenn die Herkunft interessiert, dem lege ich Wikipedia ans. Cu Sith. Gefällt 12 Mal. Cu Sith is the bringer of death and digital artist. Doch zu meiner Verwunderung hob Cu Sith seine Hand und schüttelte den Kopf. »Es gibt zufallhafte Begegnungen, die müssen nicht geschehen, doch unsere. Fabelwesen Hier wonder woman online free du alles mögliche Posten, was rukomet uživo nicht reinpasst. Er ist ein gewaltiger Hund, der auf den schottischen Highlands lebt. Das Dateiformat wird nicht unterstützt. Möglicherweise ist sie auf die grüne Farbe der keltischen Feen bayern gegen inter. Man erzählt, dass dies eine Warnung an die Bauern sein solle, um ihre Frauen ins Haus zu sperren, damit das Tier sie nicht holen komme und fortzerre, um sie zu einem Feenhügel zu bringen, wo sie Milch für die Feenkinder geben müssen. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 1. Aktuelle Infos zu Monster Leader: Er ist ein gewaltiger Hund, der auf den schottischen Highlands lebt. Die Cait Sith ist üblicherweise nicht darauf aus, dem Menschen zu schaden. Das Wesen jagt lautlos, jedoch kann es von Zeit kurhaus wiesbaden casino Zeit ein dreifaches, schreckliches Bellen von sich geben, das auf weite Strecken, sogar bis aufs Meer hinaus, zu hören ist. Ein unerwarteter Servicefehler ist aufgetreten. Manche Quellen behaupten, dass der Casino e, wenn er gerade nicht auf der Jagd war, den Hügel bewachen müsse, damit ihm kein Fremder zu nahe komme. Cait Sith wird in erster Liverpool finale in Computerspielen casino bregenz automaten Final Fantasy oder Princess Maker erwähnt und weist hierbei zumeist einen antagonistischen Charakter auf. Februar um Möchten Sie diese Rezension wirklich löschen? Das Dateiformat wird nicht unterstützt.

Lady Orion Top Contributor: I bought this for my boyfriend who is wanting to make a Mandalorian cosplay costume. The darksaber is my all time favorite lightsaber, so I had to get the toy.

While it is incredibly light, it feels amazing to hold it and swing it around. It came with batteries already inside, which was nice.

Lit up, it looks even more beautiful. This baby will be kept forever! When we received it the item was boxed up nicely and secured. It will now not come back on what-so-ever.

One person found this helpful. I bought two, they lights work great but no sound which is fine. Although I would use with care especially if you have kids because it might break or just damage it, yet none the less this is a great prop for a costume or anything else.

Though it is plastic, I have found a great place on my wall to mount it! The product descrition was correct so were the sizes.

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Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. The Heisei era onwards does this more rarely, but there it tends to take the form of corporations that can create their own Kamen Riders — essentially, suits of Powered Armor that can be stored inside a belt and would impress even Tony Stark.

Besides that, all the belts require the user to have Orphnoch DNA except for Delta, but it has addictive side-effects instead.

Actually subverted in an artbook that features a mock-up of a Smart Brain catalogue showing civilian-use Rider Gear.

This includes mass-producing the Sengoku Drivers so that humanity can survive the invasion of Helheim. Unfortunately, even a company as wealthy as Yggdrasil can only produce one billion Drivers, which means they can only save a fraction of humanity.

In this Brazilian soap-opera, Roberval earned his fortune by finding diamonds in Angola. In its earliest appearances, Mitsuhama Computer Technologies were depicted as a front for the yakuza.

Eventually, the writers caught on that a billion-nuyen criminal organization is hardly going to use a trillion -nuyen triple-A Mega-Corp as a cover.

A few good business decisions and worldwide political upheavals later, ORO had re-imagined itself as Aztechnology and at the present time of the Shadowrun timeline, own Latin-America.

Novas who desire power , meanwhile, usually gravitate to the mercenary scene and work on becoming dictators of some third-world country while still making the above money off of merchandising in the meantime ; the only real "supervillain" novas either work for organized crime megasyndicates that can pay as well as legitimate work , or are motivated by ideological concerns.

The ultimate example of this is the Eberron setting, which begins with the gods disappearing and leaving the mortals to figure out their own morality and ends up with: Summoning demons and imps to cast illusion spells and paint images inside of tiny boxes, giving them photography and video.

One commonly-circulated conspiracy theory claims that a major automaker, usually Ford or General Motors, is suppressing all knowledge of a "miracle carburettor", which can allow cars to travel miles on a single gallon of petrol.

One obvious fact which people who believe this rumor tend to forget is that Ford and General Motors are car companies, not petrol companies, meaning that if this carburettor actually did exist, they would gain nothing by keeping it under wraps, instead of putting it in all of their cars and earning billions of dollars in new sales.

The Old Republic has Bareesh the Hutt. Formerly a crimelord, he realized he both made more profit and avoided being branded a criminal by doing legit business with the Republic.

G0-T0 was a droid given an impossible directive: After a Zeroth Law Rebellion in which that second clause was discarded, G0-T0 worked his way into becoming a criminal kingpin, but with the express purpose of revitalizing the galactic economy via illicit means.

So all the crime Do not mistake me - I believe it is possible to stabilize the Republic, but there must be action taken without constraints, immediately.

Sometimes people must die. Illegal shipments must be used to bolster planetary economies. And the Hutts must be occupied with me so that the Republic has room to recover.

A Real American Hero. Only about a third of their plots directly incorporated demands of, "Hand over the keys to the entire world, or else! It eventually gets deconstructed in later seasons as we learn that COBRA cannot possibly exist as anything other than a criminal organization.

The Movie details that Cobra Commander is an exile from a supremacist fictional country called Cobra-la that believes the entirety of the world is its birthright and the citizens should consider themselves lucky if they get to live long enough to be enslaved.

Averted by billionaire David Xanatos. On a normal day he uses his brilliance to run his corporate empire and make himself another fortune or two, only occasionally resorting to extremes like Time Travel for self-enrichment.

Later played straight by Demona. Her company Nightstone is just a front to further her plans to exterminate humanity, so wealth is not her goal but a means to an end.

The Animated Series started out with a very interesting subversion. Lex Luthor was going to use a giant mech, something which was stated to cost millions of dollars to make, to make money illegally.

Superman ruined that scheme. Lex has brought them together with cash, he almost breaks them up when they ask for more money, and in the end, Batman brings the chaos to an end.

This allows the Humanite to achieve his main goal — funding opera on a PBS expy. In an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants , Plankton actually sold all of his evil inventions in order to get enough money to pay everyone in town to sign a petition to bulldoze the Krusty Krab.

He even managed to buy Mr. In one episode Dr. So he decided to "balance it out" by making an -inator that would give people poor vision, forcing them to use the same device and give him even more money.

Doofenshmirtz actually appeared on an episode of Shark Tank , a series where inventors pitch their ideas to a panel of potential investors.

Notably averted in one episode of Dynomutt Dog Wonder. The immensely but not superhumanly strong Superthug has hired an engineer to build a strength-enhancing exo-skeleton.

His plan is not to use it to commit super-crimes, but to mass produce it, and sell the copies to other criminals so they can commit super-crimes and give him a small percentage.

Doomsday — Lex Luthor finds a cure for muscular dystrophy and orders his assistant to turn it into an expensive, lifelong treatment.

He can afford Conspicuous Consumption , cool Gadget Watches , has acquired an Abandoned Warehouse to his real name , and he organizes a Bank Robbery but left all the money in the vault.

A very clever subversion occurs in in "Fear of Victory", where the Scarecrow combines both legal and illegal methods to make money.

He bets against famous professional and college athletes, and then secretly dopes them with his fear toxin. When the athletes lose their competitions, the Scarecrow makes a huge amount of money for betting against the odds.

The Scarecrow uses the money to pay for the chemicals and other paraphernalia he uses in his more dangerous schemes, making "Fear of Victory" one of the rare times when we actually see where Offscreen Villain Dark Matter might come from.

In Xiaolin Chronicles Jack Spicer actually uses his tech skills to make money in episode 9 though in more of a Geek Squad way than by using his own inventions.

Especially noticeable since he often makes huge robotics breakthroughs both in this series and the previous one and has never really seemed to consider selling his skills until now.

However, he only started having money troubles recently, so he might not have needed to before in the first series he explicitly has rich parents.

In the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic episode "A Dog and Pony Show", the Diamond Dogs could make a lot more money in their mining outfit acting as businesscanines instead of kidnappers.

Carter Pewterschmidt in Family Guy has the cure for cancer, but refuses to sell it on the grounds that it would be a short-term gain, long-term loss, because he also makes money on chemotherapy and pharmaceutical treatments.

Not to mention that not even his original reasoning makes sense. Plus, unless he owns a monopoly on chemotherapy and other cancer pharma, the only people losing money would be his competitors.

An episode of Time Squad had Houdini using his magic to commit a string of robberies. People were so impressed by it that after some prodding by Otto, they set up a fake diamond exhibit that people paid to get in simply to see him steal it.

After learning this, Houdini realizes he can get rich simply by being a performer. At first a gimmicky bank robber with an extraordinary persuasive ability, he realized he could make far more money, and get far fewer hero induced bruises, by turning his talents to honest work.

Thus did he become a life coach. The ending of Gravity Falls has Old Man McGuckett becoming incredibly wealthy upon regaining his sanity and patenting all of his inventions.

Drakken is frequently criticized for being heavily in debt due to spending so much money on every scheme to defeat Kim.

Somewhat averted later on in the series, as Drakken would later develop a habit of stealing hyper-advanced technology on top of building doomsday devices himself Frugal Lucre, however, is a deconstruction of this trope, of sorts.

At that point, however, Toomes had finished a fully-functional anti-gravity personalized flight suit. Instead, Toomes took up the identity of the Vulture to assassinate Osborn for trying to take over, which cost him everything.

Staunchly averted in Villainous , as the main characters are in the business of weapons development. Flug, to other villains. Lord Boxman mostly averts this in OK K.

He runs a successful company that produces robotic mooks for other super villains; however, his obsession with the superheroes at the Lakewood Plaza Turbo, and especially his nemesis Mr.

Gar, leads to him neglecting his orders. His investors call him out on it. Dragon Ball Z , Dr. Gero was capable of building machines that have infinite fuel.

Plus being able to make androids capable of defeating Super Sayians, just imagine if he put that kind of technology into construction or space travel.

Too bad he was only interested in getting revenge on Goku. He gets his answer soon enough: Nah, how would you ever bother to kidnap anyone?

With your power it would be much faster to go to a bank and tear down the door of its vault if you wanted money.

The exception is K, who only joined the villains so he could quit his job and bum around all day. The manga constantly reminds us that he is unemployed.

Hell is wealthy and intelligent enough to build dozens of gigantic war machines , Doomsday weapons, squads of cyborgs, several HQ, aircrafts , submarines It was kind of justified in one of the different manga continuities when Dr.

However he will not use his talents for legitimate - and less frustration-inducing - gain because he sees himself like The Woobie and wants to make the whole of humankind pay for all humiliations and hurt he suffered in the past.

Hideaki Anno is reported to have asked why Neo-Atlantis in Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water wants to conquer the world instead of just using their superior technology for their own benefit.

Reportedly, he got no answer. Wikipedia reports this, although the actual source seems unfindable. This trope is almost the premise of the series — this is a world where rather than building safer tanks or devices to protect people from chemical weapons, they engineer people who can withstand tank-fire and chemical weapons.

Lampshaded in the interlude where a lab assistant finds a report about the protective fluid that the Flamethrower Troopers use and mentions that they could be used to help burn victims.

Vamp is such a good homemaker that Sunred tells him, "You oughta give up the world domination thing and open a restaurant.

In theory, any supervillain who uses expensive, fantastic technology for theft could subvert this: At the end, when he tries to accuse Superman of encouraging Holding Out for a Hero , Superman points out this trope to him: If Lex had truly ever wanted to save the world, he could have done it years ago.

The Present , written by Adam Troy-Castro, Spidey muses on "the guys who spend six million dollars building robot suits so they can rob banks". He points out that his friend would never last an hour at a straight job.

Practically any supervillain or any other character who is subject to No Conservation of Energy could take over the world by offering themselves as a free energy source, which everyone would inevitably end up depending on.

He uses it to commit petty crimes which repeatedly get him sent to jail. This is lampshaded extensively and hilariously in the opening narration of Manhunter 7.

Mirror Master is arguably the greatest inventor in the history of the world. He has created such devices as a matter duplicator, teleportation, and interdimensional portals.

The first Mirror Master used these things to rob banks, the third uses them for mercenary work. If they just sold them they could become obscenely rich and not have to get the crap beaten out of them by a pajama-clad speedster.

The third Mirror Master actually ruminated on this once, that he and most of the people he ran with could become filthy rich beyond anything they could earn in petty crimes if they sold even half their individual tech, and that people had outright pointed this out to him before.

He, however, concluded he LIKED running around being a supervillain far too much to really consider going legit. In another story, a police detective who is forced to team up with Captain Cold calls him out for his criminal tendencies, pointing out how a man who invented a device that could manipulate matter on a molecular level his "Cold Gun" would have had no problem getting rich legitimately.

In the climax of the story, Element Master says he discovered a new element the creatively dubbed "elemento" that is a sort of magnetic light, which he uses to send the Flash to the Moon.

Averted by villain the Chunk, who gave up supervillainy and used his suction powers being able to siphon off material to another universe inside his own body to start a personal removal business.

In the Marvel comic Heroes for Hire , a mercenary named Paladin breaks into a special armory where the props and weapons of various former gimmick villains are stored, seeking valuable weapons to both arm himself with and to sell.

He comes across the "alchemy gun" of the former supervillain Chemistro, and comments amusedly that "This guy invented a gun that could turn lead into gold, and all he could think of was to rob banks with it".

Moments later, he had a lightbulb moment, saying "You know what? He is understandably furious. He presumably was unaware of the fact that any object transmuted by the alchemy gun turns into dust after exposure to heat or after a certain amount of time.

Luke Cage would eventually comment that Chemistro was just one of those guys who had power and wanted to throw it around so people knew he meant business.

If he turned things into gold and made himself rich, no one would be afraid of him or know who was boss. In one issue of Iron Man , Curtis Carr tells Tony Stark that he has in fact tried to create new alchemy guns by attempting to duplicate the radiation field that gave his original gun its powers.

Even if he just had the one gun, there are millions if not billions to be made by hiring yourself out to turn dangerous and unwanted things— think nuclear waste, surplus WMDs, or other Mad Science gadgets— into gold, then letting them disintegrate into harmless powder.

Or he could just turn random objects into gold, sell them for big bucks, then be gone before they disintegrate. Illegal, but not in the high-profile way that tends to attract superhero attention.

All that aside, Curtis Carr was another subversion in that he invented his alchemy gun intending to get rich legally. However, he developed it on company time using resources owned by the company he worked for.

Hundreds were killed and Stark Industries was completely wiped out. Iron Man once defeated a villain called the Living Laser. An alternate universe comic has him simply hiring the certified genius as Tony Stark.

This is arguably the best reason for not cutting Lex a check Gregor Shapanka, the original Blizzard, is another subversion who started out as a legitimate Stark International engineer.

When Stark fired him for theft, Shapanka became the costumed villain Blizzard to get revenge on Stark. In the Tarnished Angel arc, Steeljack interviews the loved ones of supervillains who had recently turned up dead.

He started out as a weapons designer for the military and developed a suit of porcupine-themed armor equipped with a wide variety of different weapons.

Gentry thought that the U. Given how badly his villain career turned out, he probably would have been better off selling it to the military Subverted by the Ultimate version of the Thinker, who turned to crime after he was fired from Roxxon for proposing alternative energy based on Vibranium.

Averted in some Marvel comic or other. Molecule Man chats with another supervillain: Who needs the grief? Funny thing, a guy like [Zemo]. He invented some kind of super-glue or something.

I want to turn people into dinosaurs. I mean, yeah I, the guys at the lab all said I was crazy, they- Superman: You built a jet pack in your garage and your first thought was, "I should use this to commit a crime"?

Well, when you put it that way He once tried to form a one-man corporation, but all he had to show investors was "a dinky little program I wrote for fun.

That, and Jason cares more about making mischief than money. For instance, he sent a computer worm directly to the White House, easily bypassing all security, solely to mess with his older sister which is his most common motivating factor.

Deconstructed to a great extent in issue 16 of Ultimate Spider-Woman: Change With the Light , when the Beetle provides a number of rebuttals to the arguments that supervillains should just patent their technology.

Starting your own business is no guarantee of success either, particularly when many businesses fail within their first year of operation.

Lampshaded and discussed in Marry the Knight. Poison Ivy, in an attempt to kill her husband Bruce Wayne, creates a plant whose leaves when consumed act as a much cheaper and superior form of Viagra, but kills the user very quickly.

Barbara Gordon sends a sample to Swamp Thing, who both makes it safe and plans to mass produce it making a fortune. Ivy would do far more good if she used her abilities for niceness instead of evil.

Why invent such a thing only to use as a murder weapon? Why not patent it, sell it for profit, and use the proceeds to simply buy the woodlands she wants preserved?

The first thing he does once he gets the magical book is steal the Krabby Patty recipe so he can make money off of it rather than just make himself rich.

The villain of Up , Charles F. Muntz, wants to get fame and recognition by catching a rare bird. To accomplish this he invents devices that allow dogs to communicate verbally, and fly airplanes.

Even if he wanted fame and renown rather than money, being known as the person who invented the device that lets dogs talk to humans would be far more likely to make him famous than catching a new species of bird.

This is, however, justified and lampshaded to some extent by showing that he has become psychotically obsessed with the bird. His museum is full of dozens of skeletons of other species, all of them of a bizarre nature and undiscovered to science.

Had he brought any of those back instead, he would have made far more of a profit in the scientific realm than the capture of a single colorful ostrich.

He was mostly bitter that the one he brought back as a skeleton was declared a fake and obsessed with clearing his name. Evil is wasting time and resources on evil schemes when, in his absence, Number Two has turned the front company into a corporate entity leagues more successful than it ever was before Dr.

This falls on deaf ears, naturally. In Goldmember , he finally hits upon the brilliant scheme of making the organization a legitimate business with the ethics of an evil organization by turning it into a talent agency.

He inevitably returns to arms dealing, with the change that it is government sponsored. Played both ways in Iron Man 2 with Ivan Vanko.

Vanko retorts that his motives are personal. Octopus is researching a new power source in Spider-Man 2. In order to control it, he invents a system of mechanical arms that interface with his brain, have artificial intelligence , are indestructible , have the strength to throw cars, and never seem to need new batteries.

Every aspect of the things would seem to merit a Nobel Prize, but Octavius and the rest of the world initially only treat them as a simple tool.

In Spider-Man 3 , Sandman needs to raise money for his sick daughter and turns to a life of crime. Instead, he simply robs banks. Lampshaded in Darkman III: The doctor in charge of making a serum based on the nerve damage suffered by the titular character discusses with herself the fact that she could make way more money selling to pharmaceutical companies.

The problem was, the machine ended up copying things instead of teleporting them. But Angier still used the machine to perform his magic trick, creating copies of himself so that it appeared as though he was teleporting across long distances.

He could also do things like completely end world hunger by copying food and so forth, but his obsession to out-do his magical rival blinds him to all other goals.

In Street Fighter , M. Bison is the dictator of some tiny southeastern Asian country, but somehow has developed both super-soldier biochemical engineering, as well as hover boots, with which he wants to use to conquer the world.

He could probably become the de facto ruler of the world just by marketing those two bits of technology. He could be the wealthiest pharmaceutical supplier in the world without causing the death of millions, and without risking arrest or worse in the process, but then the plot would have nowhere to go.

If not that, he could have just patented the smaller ray immediately, waited for the Nobel, and wondered how many new laws in physics will be named after him.

At the end of the film Batman talks him into doing just that. Oh, and giving him the cure to the early stage of the horrible disease his wife had.

The stage, coincidentally, Alfred happens to have. Freeze trades the cure for a cell with Poison Ivy, since he learned she tried to kill his wife.

Sir August could have legally made billions of dollars just by selling the services of his Weather-Control Machine to the governments of the world.

In the Disney film Sky High villain Royal Pain invents a weapon that reverts its target to being an infant. Let that sink in. She has made a device that can make an individual instantly young again.

So she could quite easily create and market a device that makes you biologically speaking 18 every time you use it. The financial rewards for marketing this would be so unimaginably vast that any power the supervillain desired would be easily gained legally.

Semi-justified, as trying to take over the world with an entire generation of superheroes turned into loyal, amoral minions was probably more tempting.

Upstream Color features several mysterious people who exploit the unique properties of a blue substance that produces hypnotizing effects and amazing empathic links between people.

Introducing it to the world could yield untold fortunes, with world-changing possibilities. Instead, one of them uses it to steal the savings of random people he encounters, while another uses it to inspire his music.

He imprisoned and tortured the King, betrayed his country to a group of savage headhunters, slaughtered hundreds, and then kidnapped the Queen Way to aim low, villain!

The interesting thing is the scheme- putting a guy on a reality show for his whole life and not telling him- does apparently make money, "the wealth of a small country", through product placements.

But the creators must have forgotten that they were able to create an entirely artificial biome , with weather you can control with a touchscreen , bodies of water, soil and plant life, air, and housing.

There are tons of applications for all that. Wealthy areas with water shortages, like California, Saudi Arabia, and Israel would pay through the nose for such environments.

There would be people who could build their own separate self-sustaining communities. You could colonize Antarctica, or possibly space.

And if a TV studio can afford it, you know similar sized groups and national governments can afford these.

A number of Bond villains are involved in perfectly legitimate or semi-legitimate businesses. Kananga of Live and Let Die owns a thriving chain of soul food restaurants.

A Good Day to Die Hard features a scene where the villains break out some kind of chemical spray that "cancels radioactivity.

They use it to rob Chernobyl. He could have simply used the gauntlet to create more resources. In Making Money , Moist von Lipwig averts, subverts and lampshades this.

As someone who had previously been a con man and was now making a respectable living, he now found himself still desiring the thrill of the chase, and "keeping his hand in" with schemes of various sorts.

Someone actually mentions to him how silly it is for people to swindle and trick when better money could be made out of living honestly Specifically, he mentions to himself that while the legal way is more profitable and in many ways easier, its also less fun.

He compromises by stealing from his own businesses. This is also lampshaded in Equal Rites wherein it is pointed out that the time and effort a group of brigands puts into robbing caravans could have quite easily allowed them to earn a good living if they were to work that hard at a honest trade.

In The Last Continent , a wizard reminisces about a classmate who, sentenced to copy out lines of text as a punishment, invented a multi-pencil apparatus to write the same line several times simultaneously.

A much simpler device, made of coat hangers, was used in the novel Who Ran My Underwear up the Flagpole? The character in question is assigned to write a hundred lines on the board, then the teacher stepped out for a coffee.

When he gets back, there are lines on the board and the student is gone. A comment is offered in Vanity Fair about one character who is a stingy and sly aristocrat.

The author notes that if he had been born in obscurity, he could have become a wealthy Amoral Attorney , but as a baronet, he does things like being so stingy his crops fail and engaging in constant law suits which while profitable when he wins are more frequently a financial drain.

In the Paul Jennings short story The Strap Box Flier , an inventor goes from town to town selling his amazing glue which, in demonstrations, bonds instantly with a grip like steel.

He then gets as far away as possible, before the townsfolk figure out the glue comes undone after four hours. Apparently it never occurred to him that a glue which allowed you to fix something immovably into place for a predictable amount of time, after which it would come undone of its own accord, would be worth an incredible fortune.

Subverted when, at the end of the Serpentwar Saga. He did it as a point of honor: Subverted by Artemis Fowl , who does use his genius to make money in more legitimate ways.

Among others, he holds several patents and won a competition to design a new opera house in Dublin. However, as well as his legitimate enterprises and investments are doing, the kind of crimes he commits are far more profitable.

Discussed in The Fate of Paul Twister. When he hears tales of a powerful wizard operating as a bandit, Paul dismisses them as a silly rumor, since someone with that kind of power would have no reason to have to resort to banditry to get by.

He compares it to a millionaire working in fast food: Encyclopedia Brown has the con artist Wilford Wiggins. One of his usual schemes is to make a painting and try to pass it off as a famous historical painting.

In the Repairman Jack novel Legacies , an agent of an OPEC Expy conspires to suppress a breakthrough energy-transmission technology by killing anyone who knows it exists and destroying all evidence of its development.

The Company in Prison Break is an example. Instead, they run currency scams in third world countries and sell weapons to belligerents that will make them hundreds of millions, but have the potential to wipe out all of humanity if used.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Warren Mears could have made billions with his life-like androids. Instead, he pisses away his genius robbing banks in a small California town.

Then again, Warren is very emotionally immature, such that he may well not have thought of the ramifications of his machines.

That, and he liked the idea of being a supervillain. In Season 8 he uses his skills to work for the government and Twilight.

He has a popular website already, and has impressive skills in coding, web design, writing, hacking. Instead of just concentrating on his own work where he could use Google Adsense, or directly sell ads for his site and YouTube Partnership for his video content or the equivalent of it , he wastes all his time trying to take over the iCarly webshow.

The main reason is because Nevel is a jerk. Repeated schemes over his slighted pride led to him losing popularity until an explicit Jerkass moment had him rock bottom.

One of them accomplishes this by using a gas he created to put the gang in suspended animation for a hundred years instead of patenting the substance and becoming a well respected and incredibly rich scientist.

Averted in "A Kind Of Stopwatch", Patrick McNulty gets a stopwatch that can freeze time and the first thing he does after discovering its power is try to market it to his former boss.

What they get is an alternate reality where the equivalent of Davros decided that you catch more flies with honey, and decided to make the Daleks good or at least well-intentioned.

Slightly more justified as the Daleks are brainwashed into being Scary Dogmatic Aliens , to the point they kill other Daleks for being impure.

Subverted in the Firefly episode "Our Mrs. Reynolds", where Mal, upon confronting Saffron, points out that "All the lying, all the games The main character used to be a patent lawyer, and three thugs had rigged up a device to get car doors open.

They decided they wanted to patent it instead. Then they test them to see if the owners are using it properly.

He decides on the standard "conquer the world" strategy when he could have just sold the design to NASA for billions of dollars.

Then again, this is the Joker. After getting caught in one of his wax traps, Batman notes that if the Riddler were oriented towards good, the world could be so wonderful.

A theme in Sons of Anarchy. Jax and Nero talk about how much they want to go straight, but when they each have the opportunity to make money legitimately, they admit that they no longer want to.

Jax points this out to him. Neal Caffrey of White Collar , similar to the real-life examples below, is said to be one of the best forgers in the world.

An unusual example would be Oliver Queen on Smallville. Being a billionaire, he develops tons of ridiculously advanced technology This guy should have been working for CTU!

On Vegas mobster Vincent Savino invokes this trope to explain why he no longer has any interest in the traditional mob rackets like loan sharking, prostitution or protection schemes.

There is so much money to be made legitimately by running a Las Vegas casino that he sees no reason to engage in small time crimes anymore.

Unlike his bosses, he has never been convicted of a felony so he can legitimately own and operate a Nevada casino. His main problem is that his bosses do not see things his way and he is powerless to stop them from messing up the casino business in order to further their own petty schemes.

The Wire has this come up as a conflict between Stringer and Avon. Stringer sees the end goal of their drug enterprise as turning legitimate and living comfortably on risk-free profits, but Avon only wants power and respect in the streets.

On Justified mobster Avery Markham made a lot of money in the illegal marijuana trade and now his sources tell him that the state of Kentucky is about to legitimize marijuana.

Markham immediately starts buying up farmland in Harlan county because he knows that he can make way more money selling marijuana legally then he could ever make in the illegal drug trade.

Space Precinct featured an interesting variant. A quantum physicist devised a Techno Babble -powered device that created a literal Sphere of Destruction , annihilating any matter it came into contact with, and could be manipulated with a simple remote.

Unfortunately, the allegedly reformed stick-up artist turned Asteroid Miner he first pitched it to press-ganged him into using it to crack open bank vaults instead.

Madame Gao develops a synthetic form of heroin that works by skin patch and prevents the user from building a tolerance, making each hit as strong as the first.

In short, Gao could have cornered the medical and recreational opium markets had she set her sights higher than local druglords.

The Transgression takes a look at this, because Geniuses generally need a fair bit of money to fuel their Wonder-crafting, and so the Resources merit requires explanation.

Lampshaded and Justified in Better Angels — the opening fictional vignette points out that a superintelligent Hellbinder could make a lot more money legitimately than they could through crime The Exalted often possess skills that would allow them to make enormous amounts of money very quickly, whether by legitimate or illegitimate means.

This makes criminal work a lot more appealing to some Exalted, since it involves people asking a lot fewer questions. Of particular note are the Infernal Exalted, servants of the Yozis.

And to be fair, the results of an Infernal being discovered are likely to be unpleasant, depending on who discovers them first. Rapture plays with this.

Also, in BioShock Infinite , one can think of a hundred different ways to use trans-dimensional teleportation or energy-independent antigravity to make the world a better place.

With his daughter at the helm. Lampshaded in City of Heroes. There is something more. They make a lot of products that could be much more valuable as actual products rather than tools of mass destruction.

They also make countless products just for consumer and military purchase. He later opens up a chip shop. In the subsequent games of the series, Dr.

Regal and Wily do this too. In the third game, Mr. All his "references" are fellow World 3 agents disguised as scientists.

In the end he finally quits being a villain and has one of his creation do real good. Tron not only lets some of her Servbots open a restaurant on Kattelox Island but even helps them do it legitimately , and between Legends 1 and 2 they opened a business that ultimately ended up nearly going bankrupt due to poor sales choices forcing them to resort to piracy again.

The Misadventures of Tron Bonne shows them digging regularly for money, and they are extremely successful at it, with the series implying they are pirates just because they enjoy the job.

Doctor Eggman, of Sonic the Hedgehog fame. He could probably get a lot of money and influence just by entertaining people. He might even have better luck defeating Sonic by getting him addicted to gambling.

In Sonic Battle Rouge outright states that Eggman sells some of his security robots in exchange for cash.

He broke so many rules of physics with the stunt alone, and the 3DS version implies it is a really fun park in the Wii version, Sonic snuck his way in there the day before it opened.

Evidence of these, as well as the corresponding research, would revolutionize the world, exonerate him and his grandfather multiple times over, herald him as pioneer in science, history, among other fields, and essentially hand him the world on a silver platter!

The Sonic Riders mention above of Robotnik Corp. Zig Zagged in WarioWare.

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